LIVE AT ALTA COFFEE                     

Mostly Celtic music, mostly on hammered dulcimer."

A live, acoustic album of Dulcimania fan favorites.

Norm Jacobson & Barbara Gershman - Hammered Dulcimers

Brad Moore -Octave Mandolin, Fiddle, and Tenor Banjo

CD $12 cash/check ~ or

To order: Single CD at $15 (includes shipping/handling)

Contact Norm at: 949-837-1784 or jacobson@ics.uci.edu  ~ or ~


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Album Tune List:

1. Tenpenny Bit/The Atholl Highlanders

2. On the Banks of Helicon

3. Autumn Round/ Planxty Burke/Castle Kelly

4. Blind Mary

5. The Boys of Bluehill/ The Boys of Ballycastle/ Sculley's Reel

6. Greensleeves

7. Patti's Polka/ The Ballydesmond Polka/ The Maid of Ardagh

8. The Road Back Home

9. The Blackbird/ The Derry Hornpipe

10. Carolan's Ramble to Cashel

11. Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning

12. Gentle Maiden

13. Cat Rambles to the Child’s Saucepan/ O'Keefe's/ Padhraic O'Keefe's/ Hundred Pipers

14. Planxty Colonel John Irwin

15. Halting March/ Reel à Bouche

16. Hungarian March/ Branle

17. Tobin's Favorite/ The Kesh Jig/ Morrison's Jig

  1. 18.Minuet in G

  1. 19.The Cameronian/ The Salley Gardens

20. Planxty Fanny Power

Tune sample: On the Banks of Helicon